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2021 Pricing and Registration Info 

 Pricing for 2022 coming soon!

Birthday Parties: Opportunities for children and teens to have theme parties at YMCA Camp Sloper under one of our pavilions or in our YMCA Skate Park with a group of friends. Do it yourself parties are also available - for a detail flyer on all birthday party options at YMCA Camp Sloper, click on the links below. We also have Winter parties too that allow kids to get outside and also stay warm in the Rossini Program Center - a heated building that fits 50+ people! Click on the links below to see all our party options: NEW BIRTHDAY PARTY PRICING and OPTIONS coming soon! Please call the main office or email us for more details.

Character Education: The YMCA's answer to anti-bullying and bullying prevention in the local schools. Teaching children the benefits of having good character.

Class Day: Enjoy many different activities that YMCA Camp Sloper has to offer in a fun, structured day run by Sloper staff. Participants will get to choose from a variety of activities specifically chosen for the age group like climbing tower, kickball, wiffleball, superslide, arts and crafts, four-square, basketball, hiking, and so much more!



Environmental Education: YMCA Camp Sloper's way of helping students expand their classroom learning by offering hands-on encounters with nature through various topics (Pond Studies, Plants & Seeds, Rocks & Minerals, etc).

Field Day: Various traditional field day events (parachute games, potato sack race, long jump, etc) with some Super Sloper additions (Superslide relay, etc) for an entire school followed by a scavenger hunt chosen by the students.

Girl & Cub Scout Requirements: Assisting Girl Scout and Cub Scout groups in meeting requirements needed to get badges, belt loops and pins.

School/Class Picnics: Do-It-Yourself activities at YMCA Camp Sloper with an option to use our waterfront (June-August) for swimming and boating.

Teambuilding: Experience a day of group games and team initiatives that work on building communication, cooperation and trust within a team. This program is perfect for students that are in middle school, high school, and for any adult groups looking to make the workplace more team oriented. Great for adult groups or corporate outings also! Check out some additional information on Corporate Teambuilding Program!

Volunteer Opportunities: A chance for youth, teens and adults to spend a few hours helping out in a variety of ways at YMCA Camp Sloper. A great way to complete required volunteer hours. Refer to Volunteer page for more details.

Please contact the Camp Office for more information on any of the programs above at 860-621-8194.

Attention Members: Family/Group Use at YMCA Camp Sloper has certain policies and procedure to make sure the property is not over-used. Although members are allowed to utilize the grounds as part of their membership, any group of members and/or guests that is over 8 people must contact the camp office about the use of pavilions or picnic tables. Pavilions are available for rental by groups ranging from 8-200 people or more, but must be contracted through the camp office. If you would like to have a gathering at YMCA Camp Sloper, please call the camp at 860-621-8194 for more detailed information.

Attention Facility Rental Groups: YMCA Camp Sloper reserves the right to run other programs, activites and rentals in conjunction with rental groups. YMCA members are also allowed access to the property and program amenities (i.e. Waterfront, Trike Track, Playscape, Superlide, etc...) in conjunction with rental groups. Facility rental groups do not have exclusive use of YMCA Camp Sloper during their contracted time on the property.