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Science at Sloper

Our “Sloper Scientists” provide a hands on learning experience for students. We have developed two main programs that give students the opportunity to learn by experimenting, exploring, and testing in 6 different workshops.

1.Ecosystems— a look into 3 worlds at camp: the Pond, the Forest, and the Wetlands

2.Erosion— a deep dive into natural erosion and weathering around camp: Water Erosion, Wind Erosion, and a Weathering Workshop.

3.Customized Science– let us know what you are learning in school, and we will help design a Science Day that fits your needs.


We do not provide lunch for field trips, but have large walk-in refridgerators for bagged lunches.

Interested in booking a Science Day? Give us a call at 860-621-8194 for pricing, details, and more!

e information or to book your trip today, call our main office at 860-621-8194


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