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Summer Day Camp Busing Information

Approximately 500 campers ride the bus to and from camp each day all summer! A lot goes into managing the bus process each day, and with the help of our camp families we hope to keep it running smoothly! 

YMCA Camp Sloper offers busing to Southington, Cheshire, and a few stops in Berlin at no extra cost. Bus stops have been predetermined for the summer based on decades of research and data and are updated each summer as trends and the needs of our families change.

We contract out 9 buses to transport campers to and from these designated stops (scroll down to see all bus stops) for three towns. Our goal is to have bus rides be no longer than 45 mins. We label our buses as follows: Cheshire 1 (CH1), Cheshire 2 (CH2), Cheshire 3 (CH3), Cheshire 4 (CH4), Southington A (Bus A), Southington B (Bus B), Southington C (Bus C), Southington D (Bus D), Berlin-Kensington (BK).

Each week and session of the summer, in cooperation with New Britain Transportation, our office staff will move, alter, and change bus stops around to make sure we are complying with state bus capacity regulations. Occasionally, the same stop may be changed to a different bus name, but the stops will never change. Departure and Arrival times are subject to change based on the number of campers on each individual bus.

Typically, AM departures times range between 7:55am-8:30am and PM arrival times range between 3:30pm-4:00pm (depending on how close your stop is to camp and how many campers are getting off at each stop). Actual times will be posted and sent to families in the weeks preceding the start of summer when most busing information is finalized. 

We use New Britain Transportation (NBT) for all of our camp busing. The NBT office is located at 33 Norton St. Plantsville, CT. If you need to contact NBT directly for any bus related issues, such as concerns with the driver or late AM buses, call 860-628-5515. 

For all other bus related questions or concerns, please contact the camp office at 860-621-8194


2022 Summer Bus Times (By Session)

Below you will find the bus times for each Session. Click on the session that you are signed up for to get times for each Bus Stop. Times and actual bus assignments will vary each session.

Preview Week Bus Times and Assignments (June 20th-June 24th)
Preview Week Bus times
Session 1 Bus Times and Assignments (June 27th - July 8th)
Session 2 Bus Times and Assignments (July 11th - July 22nd)
2022 Session 2 Bus Times Page 1
2022 Session 2 Bus Times Page 2


Session 3 Bus Times and Assignments (July 25th - August 5th)
Session 3 pg1
Session 3 pg2
Session 4 Bus Times and Assignments (August 8th - August 19th)
S4 pg1
S4 Pg2
Finale Week Bus Times and Assignments (August 22nd - August 26th)
Finale week bus stops

2022 Summer Bus Stop Locations (By Session)

2022 Preview & Finale Week Bus Stops 

(June 20-24 & August 22-26)

Stop Location
1 Byam Rd. & Musso View Rd
2 Norton Elementary School (Camp Quinnipiac)
3 Cheshire High School
4 Chapman School (Front) 
5 Strong School (Front Lot)
6 Oshana School (Front Lot)
7 Southington YMCA (29 High St)
8 Mary Our Queen Church
9 Mount Vernon & Welch Rd
10 Kelley School 
11 Southington High School (Front Lot)
12 Hatton School (Front Lot)


2022 Sessions 1-4: Southington Stops

Stop  Location
1 Autumn Park Dr. & Winter Park Rd
2 North Ridge Court & Welch St
3 West Pines Dr. & West Pines Dr. 
4 Kelley School 
5 Strong School (Front Lot) 
6 Kennedy Middle School (Parent Lot) 
7 996 Meriden/Waterbury Tpke
8 Mary Our Queen Church
9 South End School
10 First Baptist Church (East St. Lot)
11 Blue Hills Dr. & Rockwood Dr. 
12 Oshana School
13 Southington YMCA (29 High St)
14 Southington Public Library (Side Lot)
15 Berlin St. & Wheeler Village Rd
16 Hatton School (Front)
17 Queen St. & Queen Terrace
18 Calvary Assembly of God
19 Thalberg School
20 St. Dominic's Church (Upper Lot)
21 Flanders School (Front) 
22 Southington High School (Front)
23 Darling St. & Summerbrook Apts
24 DePaolo Middle School (Parent Lot)


2022 Sessions 1-4: Cheshire Stops

Stop  Location
1 Cook Hill Rd & South Pond Circle
2 Norton Elementary School (Camp Quinnipiac)
3 Tamarack Rd. & Wallingford Rd 
4 Byam Rd & Midfield Dr
5 Byam Rd & Musso View Ave
6 Mixville Rd. & Tucker Rd
7 Currier Way & Marion Rd
8 Currier Way & Jarvis St
9 Dundee Dr. & Jarvis St. & Moss Farm
10 Cheshire YMCA (Front Lot)
11 Cheshire High School (Front Lot)
12 Doolittle Elementary School (Front)
13 St. Bridget's Church 
14 Dodd Middle School (Front)
15 Highland Elementary School (Front)
16 Chapman Elementary School 


2022 Sessions 1-4: Berlin/Kensington Stops

Stop  Location
1 Bethany Covenant Church
2 Church of God on Hudson
3 Depot Rd & Berlin Train Station
4 Heather Lane & Griswold School 


What towns are included in the bus routes?

Bus Transportation is provided to and from camp for grades K and up with stops in Southington, Cheshire, and Berlin. 

How much does it cost to add a bus stop?

There is no additional charge for busing, however space is limited. Predetermined routes and stops have been designated, door-to-door service is not provided. 

Do I have to register for the bus?

Yes, you have to indicate the stop of our choice during registration. Due to limited space, a bus stop can not be added once a session begins, you camper can not get off or on at a different stop under any circumstances. Attendance is taken at each stop both AM and PM. 

If no bus stop is chosen during registration, your camper will be designated as "Personal Transport" for the session. Changes to your transportation option can be made before the start of each session. 

Who can ride the bus?

Any camper from Sloperian to CIT. Wanderer's can not ride the bus. 

How do I know what time the bus will come?

One week before each session starts, we will update this page with the bus stop times.  Those times are estimated to the best of our ability, so please allow a 10 minute grace period each day to account for unpredictable delays. 

Our bus stop times are subject to change each session within a 30 minute window. The reason for this is because as buses reach capacity, stops are assigned to different bus routes to accommodate all of the riders. As bus routes are re-configured each session, the pick up and drop off times may change from what they were in a previous session. For this reason, please choose the stop that is most convenient based on location, not timing. 

Summer bus route time windows:

In Cheshire;

  • AM buses run from 7:55AM - 8:35AM
  • PM buses run from 3:25PM - 4:15PM

In Southington;

  • AM buses run from 8:20AM - 8:45AM
  • PM buses run from 3:25PM - 4:15PM

In Berlin; 

  • AM buses run from 8:20AM - 8:35AM
  • PM buses run from 3:30PM - 3:45PM 

You will be notified of the timing of your chosen bus stop through multiple communication methods including; email, Remind App text/notification, and an updated list on this page.  Please check these before camp starts for this information. 

Is there a monitor on the bus?

A Camp Sloper Counselor rides every bus acting as a bus monitor both AM and PM.  The monitor assists the driver in supervising campers, and takes daily attendance.  Buses do not leave camp in the afternoon until each camper is accounted for.  For this reason, please help us avoid afternoon delays by informing the camp office no later than 1:00pm if your camper will be getting picked up instead of riding the bus. 

What do I do if I want to pick up my child from camp instead of having them take the bus home?

You can pick your camper up, or drive them in anytime.  If you are picking your camper up instead of having them take the bus home, you must let the camp office know by 1:00PM.  

Attendance is taken on each bus each day, and no bus leaves camp until every child is accounted for.  By letting us know as early as possible if there is going to be any changes to their afternoon transportation, you are helping us avoid any unnecessary delays in getting the buses on their way.